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In essence, tax planning involves running your business with costs reduced to the minimum. Consequently, tax planning equips entrepreneurs with a set of tools and solutions for driving the highest possible margin in given market conditions.

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We optimise taxes to serve our Client’s best interest, persuaded that the most successful businesses are those where the tax advisor is an active partner of the management.

Feel invited to ask us for a preliminary offer to improve the tax efficiency of your business. The inquiries may concern your registrative, fiscal, and legal duties while offering services in Sweden. You can also ask us to analyse a project in terms of the establishment of a taxable entity, contract optimisation, or selecting the place of taxation for employees’ revenue. . Our services include:

  • Business setup assistance: F-tax (F-skatt), VAT (Moms), social insurance (Arbetsgivaravgift) – branch, department, AB;
  •  Registration and payroll settlement for posted workers from Poland (INK1);
  •  CIT settlement (INK2);
  •  Salary settlement in compliance with trade union regulations;
  •  Representation before the authorities and institutions, translation;
  •  A mailing address and correspondence management.

What does a tax advisor in Sweden do?

It is important to note that not every accounting firm provides tax consulting services, as a tax advisor and an accountant are two different professions. While an accountant is primarily concerned with maintaining company records and preparing financial statements, a tax advisor is competent to provide advice, opinions and explanations of clients’ tax obligations. Our accounting office offers both bookkeeping and services that include tax consulting. Sweden is the country in which we operate, and our offer is addressed to Polish entrepreneurs doing business in this Scandinavian country.

Tax consulting – why is it worth it?

Not every entrepreneur is a specialist in taxes and finance. Tax optimization allows you to reduce the cost of doing business in Sweden, and thus increase the income of your company.

Why choose tax consulting?

  • A sense of security – a professional financial advisor who operates in a country like Sweden is up to date with current laws and provides advice according to the best knowledge. Using an advisor gives you a sense of security, especially since the Swedish tax market operates differently from the Polish one.

  • Savings – a tax advisor is able to develop the best strategy for a company to generate savings, both in terms of money and time. It is best to contact a tax advisor at the beginning of your business, or even before registering your company.

  • Representation in front of the authorities – worried about the language barrier? Your financial advisor can represent you before the Skatteverket and other authorities and institutions (including during tax audits). An advisor with the ability to speak Swedish makes doing business in Scandinavia significantly easier.

  • Acting in accordance with the law – an experienced advisor will detect irregularities in your documentation and propose solutions that will benefit your business. Mistakes in tax documents can be very costly, so it is worthwhile to be sure that the company is operating correctly and in accordance with the law.

  • Acting in favour of the client’s interests – when interpreting the regulations, the advisor is guided by the client’s interests, paying attention to the benefits that the company can enjoy.

Who does not have to file a tax return in Sweden?

Tax returns in Sweden do not have to be filed by those subject to the SINK tax, which is a tax on non-residents – temporary workers staying in Sweden for less than 183 days. The amount of SINK tax is 25% – you can apply for such taxation yourself or through your employer. For this purpose, information on income and tax paid must be submitted to the Swedish Tax Agency on form KU-13. Those who settle under the SINK tax do not have to file a tax return, but this also means that they cannot take advantage of tax benefits and will not receive a tax refund. It is worth remembering that it is possible to decline SINK taxation, so those staying in Sweden for less than 183 days have the right to choose.

INK1 – tax return for employees

When will a tax return be necessary? Sweden is a country that imposes such an obligation on all employees staying in the country for more than 183 days. Seconded employees from Poland submit INKOMSTEKLARATION 1. The Swedish Tax Administration sends out the forms between March and April, and the deadline for submission is May 2. The Skatteverket issues tax decisions between June and December – depending on the situation, the taxpayer may receive a refund or a tax summons. Be sure to send your tax return by the specified deadline (by May 2), as exceeding the deadline may result in a fine from the Skatteverket – starting at SEK 1,250.

INK2 – tax return for CIT payers.

CIT taxpayers are legal entities, i.e., (limited liability companies Aktiebolag, AB) and business associations (ekonomisk fӧrening) based in Sweden, among others. The INKOMSTDEKLARATION 2 tax return consists of three pages: the main form and two attachments – INK2R (räkenskapsschema) and INK2S (skattemässiga justeringar). INK2 must be submitted no later than July 1 (in paper form) or August 1 (in digital form).

Professional tax consulting in Sweden

To make sure your Swedish tax return is filed correctly and on time, entrust it to the specialists at KAM Redovisning AB. We handle both the settlement of expatriate employees from Poland (INK1) and the settlement of CIT income tax (INK2). We will also pay attention to the available tax benefits to which the employee or entrepreneur is entitled. Not only that, but we have many years of experience in providing tax consulting services in Sweden and are up to date with current legislation. With us, you can rest assured that you will file your tax return correctly and on time – both this year and every year thereafter.


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