KAM Redovisning AB is a professional accounting firm with a modern approach. We will provide you with reliable accounting, support, and advisory services for your business.

HR and Payroll

What is the scope of our services?

Our goal is the growth of your company. With our extensive knowledge, established position in the sector, and the trust of our clients, we can guarantee a first-rate accounting service in the most attractive plan on the market!

We have been bolstering the position of Polish businesses in Sweden for more than 15 years. Our services involve professional and comprehensive business assistance for Polish companies operating on the Scandinavian market or planning a business launch in the region. We are offering:

  •  Business setup assistance: F-tax (F-skatt), VAT (Moms), social insurance (Arbetsgivaravgift) – branch, department, AB;
  •  Registration and payroll settlement for posted workers from Poland (INK1);
  •  CIT settlement (INK2);
  •  Salary settlement in compliance with trade union regulations;
  •  Representation before the authorities and institutions, translation;
  •  A mailing address and correspondence management.

Simple and effortless document exchange!

Fully digital, with no need for
printouts and deliveries

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